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Yes, you may think this look odd, but...

Research shows that 67% of people that own Hearing Aids don’t use them! Dr. Gandee’s Hearing Helpers are so simple to use, so effective and so inexpensive, that many of our customers own both hearing aids and Hearing Helpers.

Because these are brand new, it might take some time for people to get used to seeing them. In fact, many people said they would NEVER wear glasses OR braces when they first came out either. Now they are considered a status symbol and widely accepted as the norm. Every day you now see movie stars, rock stars, athletes and young people wearing headphones, ipods and other listening devices and NO ONE BATS AN EYE.

And no one will bat an eye when you wear Hearing Helpers, either.

We have MANY happy, satisfied customers. Read what they have to say by clicking on the 'Testimonanials' link above.

So, you could pay $3,000 for hearing aids that may distort sound, squeal, or buzz. OR you could try Hearing Helpers at home first.

Nursing Home Directors, Hospitals, E.R. Centers AND All Doctors PLEASE READ!!

Your patients miss a lot of what is being said. Mistakes are made because of a lack of communication, lack of understanding, and therefore a lack of compliance. If your people have hearing aids, you can't tell if they are turned off or on. You also can't tell if the batteries are functional, weak, or dead.

Most Elderly People Do Have Hearing Loss To Some Degree. These Hearing Helpers Will Help You, Your Staff, And Your Patients In Many Ways

-Cuts down on mistakes made by staff who think the patients understood what they said.

-Cuts down on mistakes by patients who think they understand what the staff said.

-Cuts down on background noise. Not having to raise your voice talking with people, plus the patient can turn down the TV volume so the sound doesn't bother others. 

-The happiness of patients would increase because they would be able to carry on conversations again and not fake knowing what others are saying. After a while, patients just quit trying to communicate with others and they become more solitary, sad and depressed because they are not enjoying life as much. They live in silence. People need people. 

-They are not as likely to lose the Hearing Helpers as you can lay them around your neck when you aren't using them. Plus, they are larger and more colorful than hearing aids. 

-Don't have to worry or concern yourself (staff) if the Hearing Aids are 1. On 2. Off 3. Strong Battery 4. Breakage When Dropped 5. Changing Batteries etc etc 

-Overall ease of use of the Hearing Helpers and maintaining, finding, keeping.

-In a group setting, you can easily tell who is ready to hear and who isn't because you can see the Hearing Helpers are on their head and in place. Again, easier for staff and better overall for compliance and functioning of the entire program. Things just work better.

-The Hearing Helpers are very inexpensive and will actually quickly save you money as there is nothing else to buy once you have them. 

-No need to make special trips to the Doctor for replacement of a hearing aid or check-up or refitting. Saving time, money, and staff convenience