What Our Customers Are Saying...

My office manager bought a dozen Hearing Helpers for my office because we had such a hard time communicating with some of our patients who have hearing loss. They worked so well I bought a pair for my father who now wears them with his hearing aid when he watches T.V. Now he can understand the words more clearly with a much lower volume. This is good for him but also good for anyone who watches T.V. with him. I strongly urge you to purchase a pair for yourself, they really work and there are no down side to owning these.

- Dr. Wood

I have Hearing Helpers available in my office for my hard of hearing patients. When they put them on, they instantly hear better. I don’t have to yell or even raise my voice to them any longer. After a few minutes they even forget they have them on. We have to ask for them back before they leave the office because they forget they are wearing them they are so light. They are made extremely well and they are made to give you as much natural sound as possible. They work. I use them in my office and I recommend them to anyone who wants to hear and doesn’t want to pay thousands of dollars for Hearing Aids.

- Dr. Frain

I have hearing loss myself. I wear these Hearing Helpers all the time in my office because some people have voices that are hard for me to hear. I also keep some around for my patients. Sure makes life easier communicating with understanding. I highly recommend Dr. Gandee’s Hearing Helpers. They are a brilliant idea and they are very effective.

- Dr. Longworth

 I can think of many, many, many, reasons to buy the Hearing Helpers and I can’t think of one reason not to buy them. I think it’s a no-brainer.

- Craig

I have fallen three times in the past two years, because I can’t hear so good anymore. Once when I didn’t hear the cat and I stepped on it and fell. Once when a grandchild was playing with a toy car he was rolling across the floor, I didn’t hear it and tripped and fell. And once I was out walking and a bicycle was going around me that I didn’t hear and it scared me, I jumped, tripped and fell. Lucky I haven’t broken any bones, but I could. Since I have these Hearing Helpers I hear much better, you can’t sneak up on me now. I feel safer. Thank you.

- Kathy

My husband was always a clown, he was very outgoing, talked to everyone. He never met a stranger. He’s changed over the past few years. He’s gotten quiet, depressed, moody. He has gained weight and his health has gone down hill too. I finally realized it’s because he can’t hear good and it embarrasses him to constantly say what, huh, what did you say? would you repeat that? His friends would chastise him about not listening. So he stopped trying to talk with people, he shut down. Well I bought him a pair of Hearing Helpers, he won’t wear a hearing aid, he tried them on and he immediately heard better. We could have a normal conversation again. At first he wouldn’t wear them out in public. Then one Sunday morning he was waiting for me to get ready for church( I’m always late) and he was watching T.V. with them on. When he saw I was ready he dropped them around his neck and it slipped his mind he still had them on when we left for church. Well it started just as soon as we walked in the doors. The minister always stands there to greet people as they are coming in and he saw the Hearing Helpers around his neck. The questions started immediately. What’s that around you neck? It surprised us, he’d forgotten they were there, but he immediately put them on and explained what they were. Soon there were six or seven people standing around wanting to try them too. He was in his glory now, first time in a long time he was smiling ear to ear just a talking away. He wore them during the whole church service that Sunday and every Sunday since ( and he hasn’t fallen asleep once, ha )

- Jackie

I can’t remember anything I have spent this little money on that has helped me more and changed my life more than these Hearing Helpers have. It’s such a simple idea, yet I guess some of the best ideas are. Thank you.

- Rose

I have saved more money in the first few months after buying these Hearing Helpers than they cost me, what a steal they are. I really like them. I like explaining them to people who are seeing them for the first time. I get a big kick out of others trying them on and hearing for themselves how good they are. What is really fun is having people turn around with their backs to you and you talk normally to them, then you put the Hearing Helpers on them backwards and they are totally amazed at how much better they heard you with their back to you. If you try this make sure you look at their face when they first turn around to face you again, they ALWAYS have a big smile on their face.

- Gene

I was bored all the time. Rarely did anyone come to visit me. No one called me. I didn’t know I was the reason. I can’t hear too well. I acted like I could hear you, but I missed most of what people were saying. Sometimes I thought I knew what they said but most of the time I was wrong. I now understand I was depressing to be around because I couldn’t carry on a conversation. It made others uncomfortable, so they eventually quit trying. I couldn’t afford the expensive Hearing Aids so I tried those $39.95 ones you see in a catalog. They were worse than not hearing, drove me nuts. Then I saw Dr. Gandee’s Hearing Helpers on T.V. It made sense to me, so I called and ordered them. They really help you hear and understand words. I am very happy with them.

- Louise

I always thought my husband Gene had selective hearing. I always said he heard what he wanted to hear. But as I have lost my hearing I now know it isn’t selective hearing, it’s tiring, demanding and difficult to always pay close attention plus straining to hear what people are saying. It’s work! It’s too hard to constantly do! So you only really try to understand when you think you have to, or it’s really important to. With our new Hearing Helpers we can hear each other again. We laugh more, have more fun. Thanks. P.S. I have to be careful talking around my husband now, he will turn them around and listen to me loud and clear talking in whispers behind his back. ha ha

- Joyce

I had stopped going to my ladies Bible Study class on Saturday mornings because I couldn’t hear much anyway, I was just faking it. I really liked it too. I needed to get out of the house. But I noticed some of the girls kind of shied away from me and others didn’t include me in conversations. It hurt me, but I understood. I mostly acted like I heard what they were saying, even when I had no clue what was being said. But not now. Now I hear it all. I am back in Bible Study. I even stood up and told them why I quit and why I was back. I think I helped a few others there as well. I told them I wanted everyone to talk to me. They all jumped at the chance which was nice. Life is more fun when you can hear, I can tell you that. 

- Jane

My wife’s voice is such that I can’t understand her words good. This is true most of the time. She always has to repeat herself to me, that gets old I’m sure. But I wear hearing aids to. If I turn them up to high they squeal and make loud noise which I can’t hear either so she says to me that my Hearing Aids are talking to me again. Well I got these Hearing Helpers as a gift and now I can hear and understand what she is saying. Thanks ( I guess )

- John