About Dr. Gandee

Dr. Gandee has been helping people for over thirty five years. He is a respected chiropractor, published author of several books, radio talk show host, and developer of numerous products designed to provide real health solutions for various common health challenges.

 “I have had hearing loss for many years. When talking with my patients, it’s very important to hear them totally and understand exactly what they are saying. I noticed I would sit listening to my patients with my hand cupping my ear. This helped me hear clearly. Hearing Helpers allows me to concentrate on my patients’ health issues and not my hearing issues.” – Dr. Gandee

Dr. Gandee studied the ear and saw God’s plan. He then designed Hearing Helpers to greatly enhance a person’s own natural hearing with natural sound. It took him over a year to develop the prototype with many design changes using 3-D imaging.

His goal when developing Hearing Helpers was to capture and funnel more sound to the ears, resulting in sound that is not muffled or distorted, but rather, clear, vibrant, and easily understood.

And now Dr. Gandee has invented Hearing Helpers, a natural hearing improvement device that uses no batteries, no moving parts, is very inexpensive and allows a person to hear incredibly well again. He priced Hearing Helpers so that anyone can afford them, have the opportunity to hear again and thus regain a better quality of life.

Dr. Gandee hosts a one hour Natural Healthcare call in radio talk show on Sunday mornings from 10:05 to 11:00 EDT on the FM station, WNIR. You can listen live at WNIR.com, simply click on "Listen Live".

In one of Dr. Gandee’s books, “Triumph Over Illness”, he talks of health from a natural perspective, “real health” he calls it. He believes we don’t have to be sick, in pain and suffering, but we must take care of ourselves properly “from the womb to the tomb”.